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The May Trio is  a collaboration of  three like minded musicians dedicated to the art of Spontaneous Composition.

George McFetridge           Piano

Paul Fitterer                       Drums Percussion

James Young                      String Bass

The trio first played together in Victoria BC in 2012.

George, Paul and James are seasoned musicians having played professionally across Canada and the world for many years.

For this first original May Trio CD, the musicians have recorded spontaneous compositions without relying on preconceived form or content. The trio draws on decades of bandstand experienced playing improvised music.  This compilation of free jazz presents the listener with a musical journey in a fearless blend of jazz, classical, blues, rock, salsa, and more.

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The May Trio Concert Update!!


The May Trio will be performing in Vancouver at the historic Pat’s Pub on Saturday Aug 19 from 2:00 to 6:00 Please drop by!!!

Here is a video of our last rehearsal at the “Room” at UVic



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Weather System

Lift Off

In Vein


The latest from The May Trio “Passage”


“Hey there George.
Thank you for sending the new disc.  I’ve been digging in, and listening to some very inventive and empathetic improvised music making.

I really like the overall sound of the trio.

The piano playing is as always, very thoughtful and wide ranging.
The variety in scope in being equally delicate as it is robust.

James’ bass sounds better than ever, with all his extended techniques he uses, and still bringing in snappy solid grooves.

Paul sits so comfortably at his percussion in this setting playing freely and effortlessly.  You can hear this is his musical home.

Everyone is exploring their instruments’ textural potential, on a solid traditional musical foundation.

It gives the free playing an inherent stability.
Endless exploration with a sane steadiness.
Love all the degrees in the sparse and the dense.
Makes for some enjoyable listening.
I’ve now listened a couple of times through.

However, this is a lot of sound, so it needs a lot more listening.

Thanks once again, and I’ll be giving you more feedback along the way.
Take care, and be well.”

Charlie Ringus, producer, composer, drummer

Supermono Records

One thought on “Our Story”

  1. September 2016 notes::

    a note to ourselves…for all to know…

    After an absence of more than a year, Paul Fitterer will be joining
    George McFetridge, and James Young in late September to rekindle the flame of creative
    music making.
    We plan to record and perform in the Victoria BC area.
    We may have some special guests.
    Please stay tuned!!
    Love and Peace



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